Mandaakhai Daansuren










Mandaakhai Daansuren was born in the region of Dundgobi in Mongolia. From the chilling cold of the Siberian steppes to the crushing heat of the Gobi Desert, he learned to play the Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle) with his father starting the age of 9. In 2010 he graduated from the University of Soyol (Culture) as a player and teacher of Morin Khuur. He has also studied all the techniques of Mongolian throat singing, or khöömi.

Late 2010, he started promoting Mongolian traditional music thanks to his many artistic talents. He works and gives concerts with various artistic partners: Trans-Mongolia, La voix de la Steppe, Xeremia, Heejin Diamont du cirque, Gobi-ensemble, duo shono, Duo Gobi Rhapsodie, Uvidas, etc. He releases his first album “Mandaakhai Daansuren” in May 2016.

Through his long-standing interest in anthropological research and shamanic practices in Siberia and Mongolia, Pierre Redon meets the anthropologist Émilie Maj, a specialist in throat singing and Yakutia who introduces him to Mandaakhai Daansuren. Both artists meet in Paris for the first time, and Mandaakhai agrees to add his voice from the steppes to the path of initiates.



I am wood. I float in the far reaches of the matrix. I draw water from the earth to feed. It is the original sap that helps me to expand endlessly, to be reborn at every instant, devoid of desire, expectations, devoid of memory. If I seem gnarled and crooked, it is because in my anger lies my strength. I must be extracted from the primordial chaos and find limitless energy. Like the first gaze of a newborn, I have no memories and time has no exist-ence.<br /> My eye turns to the East, where the sun begins its journey to bathe us in warmth. Now that I have freed myself, the wind cradles me kindly, then taunts me, spurring me on in my race. It carries back the faraway screams of the rising sun that reflect the songs of what is to be.



The heart chakra is the fourth chakra, and it tells us: ``I LOVE``. Its note is F, its sound YAM. It is associated with unconditional love, compassion, altruism and our capacity to give. The heart chakra's role is to activate the forces of connection and integration. Its element is the air and therefore it ensures the principle of breathing.