Les Sœurs Grées

About us

“Les Sœurs Grées” is a French multimedia studio directed since 2003 by the artist Pierre Redon.

“Les Soeurs Grées” plays a role as laboratory of research and creation, working for the development and promotion of transdisciplinary and innovative projects. The association collaborates regularly with a collective of people from different artistic and professional backgrounds (musicians, writers, costume designers, craftsmen, anthropologists, researchers…).

Indeed, though music and sound lie at the heart of Pierre Redon‘s work, the association’s artistic project is characterized by hybridization and transdisciplinarity, and is closely linked to anthropology and ethnography.

Through his research in the field of relational aesthetics and public space art, he tends to create new ways of interacting with the public, notably through hypnosis and his Marches Sonores (Sound Walks).