Masters of Healing

Sylvie Chagnon

Harmonization of the 5 elements

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.

A special educator for autistic children for 8 years, she has been practicing Qi Gong and Chinese Energy Massage professionally for 25 years now. She initially trained in China 3 years and has kept working relationships with Chinese health professionals ever since, while continuing to research Qi energy and diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. She teaches Chinese Energy Massage in various Chinese medicine schools. She is the author of the book: Wu, manuel de massage énergétique, Éditions Trédaniel, 2013.

Pierre Redon & the Ensemble “9” invite Sylvie Chagnon for a harmonization intervention with the patients of the Cadillac Hospital. On that occasion, she uses the healing pieces composed by Pierre Redon to integrate the 5 elements of Chinese traditional medicine to her practice of energy massage.

Chinese medicine

A bridge between the visible and the invisible.

During the seminar “When magicians meet scientists”, Sylvie Chagnon introduces her vision of the Tao and the sounds that resonate with the body in her practice of traditional Chinese medicine.

Each body-matter is crossed and animated by an intangible form of energy, the Qi . Each of the 5 organs is inhabited by a soul, the 5 ‘Wu Shen’ ,五神. Between Earth-anchor and Sky-intuition, the body rises tall as a vibrant and living link…

Sylvie Chagnon