Masters of Healing

Jean-Marie Baumier


“A music of life”

Jean-Marie Baumier’s conferences on the living realm offer an original approach, at the crossroads between physics, biology, music and ancestral wisdom. In light of the current challenges our civilization faces, a paradigm shift seems necessary.

The theme exposed, “the proteodies” is a research approach on the path to discovering one of our vibratory realities. Specifically, the expression of our DNA stems from particular waves during protein synthesis. Transposed into audible frequencies, these waves have peculiar properties, melodic and harmonic alike.

Stemming from Joël Sternheimer’s research on the mass of particles, these wave transpositions are called Proteodies. They are the result of the necessary reintegration of the subject to science.

Among the topics broached are the meaning of these waves and their associated properties, as well as their utility in everyday life when using these musical waves as a tool to regulate protein synthesis in living beings:

– Alternative treatment solutions in agriculture;

– Preventive and healing approaches for humans and animals.

Proteodies help to better understand the work of shamans and its relevance, the merits of traditional songs that often tell a particular tale.

Sounds to cure wine!

Meeting with the Médeville vineyards, Château Fayau de Cadillac.

At the heart of the Bordeaux vineyard, Marc Médeville tells us how he turned to Genodics to treat his vines. The use of sounds played in the vineyard to fight off vine diseases is an unexpected treating process in line with the return to a more environmentally friendly agriculture.

On the occasion of the conference “When magicians meet scientists”, the Médeville vineyards in Cadillac will also offer a wine tasting session from vines that developed to the sound of Proteodies.

Jean-Marie Baumier


Chateau Fayau - Médeville