Masters of Healing

Isabelle Géry-Haugmard

Sound energetics.

After musical studies and various training courses in psycho-genealogy, family constellations with Alejandro Jodorowsky, Tomatis (listening and language), sonology (phonophoresis / acupuncture with tuning forks), harmonic singing, she discovers the power of sound vibrations.

Today, her path is to accompany people through a synergy of practices in cellular reprogramming and reharmonization of the body and the Being. She uses various tools such as tuning forks, crystal vessels or Tibetan bowls which frequencies resonate with the DNA and the cells.

Sound Constellations.

Pierre Redon and the Ensemble 9 have invited Isabelle Géry-Haugmard for an exceptional initiative to integrate sound creations within family constellations.

Together, they use the healing pieces composed by Pierre Redon around the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine to accelerate the process of trans-generational resilience.


Family constellation is a psycho-genealogic form of therapy that invokes family and transgenerational subconsciousness. Practiced as a group, it puts the family tree at the center through a form of therapeutic playacting, meant to untie knots. Family secrets may become the silent masters of our destiny and exposing them is a first step to ending a series of repetitive scenarios.

Isabelle Géry-Haugmard